Monday, September 8, 2008

Walking the Dog

As many of you know Greg got me a puppy for Valentine's Day. No, this was not a cruel joke, I asked for a puppy and absolutely adore her. We have not been very faithful about walking her as much as we should have been, which results in a very bad dog that runs around and jumps all over the furniture as she attempts to burn off excess energy. So since we haven't eaten out in a week, we introduced walking into our overall health improvement plan.

Let me tell you walking a puppy on a 85 degree day can result in some funny pictures!

This is April getting ready to go down the slide at the park!

Who needs to drink the water when you can lay in it.

Oh, I am supposed to be standing to drink out of my bowl? You don't mind if I lay here and drink out of it do you?

Also, the Irish played on Saturday and it gave Greg and April the opportunity to show off their matching jerseys!! Aren't they cute????

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