Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Random Wednesday

So I thought I would share 10 random things about myself with you:
  1. I love Notre Dame Football & Basketball
  2. I lived in Germany (West Germany to be precise) for a period as a very young child
  3. I still secretly think Jim Kelly was the best quarterback ever
  4. Tigger is my favorite Disney character
  5. My gas grill is sitting in my living room right now
  6. I think Weeds is the best, most inappropriate tv show ever
  7. Lady bugs scare the crap out of me & I was bitten by one once, it hurt!
  8. I made it 8 days without eating out once!
  9. I have to sleep with my bedroom, bathroom & closet doors closed, if they are open I cannot settle into sleep.
  10. I have been listening to NPR in the car for almost a month now.
A couple pictures for you:


Ang said...

what's "Weeds" and why have you not told me about it?????

Greg said...

It is a show on showtime that is a funny look at the weed business. Love Nancy Botwin.

Ang said...

What's that red splotch on April's face?????